Access Control what does it do?

Access Control is almost an idea for any small business or large business. Have you ever wanted to track when people come in and out of your building or when certain people access certain parts of your building? With access control, you can easily keep tabs on these statistics. Not only will it allow you to track access it will let you take control of it! Do you want to grant access to your building without handing out keys that can be duplicated? Keys have no concept of time. If an employee has a key to your building they will have 24/7 access. Maybe you only want them to have access during business hours or your set times. Would you want doors to be unlocked or locked at certain times during the day? Well if so you can take control and set the doors to automatically lock and unlock at your desired times! With Access control, you would never have to worry about forgetting to lock certain doors!

What do we have to offer?

Clayton Technology strives to provide our customers with the most up-to-date technology and the BEST customer service. Clayton Technology professionally installs access control products custom-built for each client. Our main goal is to provide the customer with the best products and services.

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