What is Managed WI-FI?

Never heard of managed Wi-Fi? You’re certainly not alone managed Wi-Fi offers an internet connection that acts the same way as any other internet connection, from a user’s perspective. 


Benefits of Managed WI-FI?

Managed Wi-Fi doesn’t appear to be all that different from unmanaged Wi-Fi at first glance. However, when you look closer, there are a few significant differences that make managed Wi-Fi a desirable option for various applications! 

  • Extended Range – We place Wireless Access Points (APS) in certain locations to spread the best signal throughout your facility or home.
  • Reliably – We can guarantee you will see a difference with our hardwired APS. Each AP is hardwired back to the main router or switch. 
  • Lower Costs – Managed WI-FI can bring the lower cost to the business or home users in the long run compared to some ISP options.